Sanddollar's Flametree | Property Grounds


Set within Giant Rainforest Trees.

What is forgotten about an authentic Melanesian setting is the giant rainforest trees, and the awesome shades of light that their canopies provide. From sunrise through to dusk, the look and feel at Flametree changes with the play of light on the foliage.

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Property Set Within Extensive Grounds
Tropical Landscaping
Hibiscus Hedging for Privacy
Paw-Paw Trees



Flametree is located within Pangona Estate, which lies in the remains of a large Rainforest

Flametree is positioned in on one of the sweeping arms that forms Tuk-tuk bay on the north western coast of Efate Island. Today the area has a mix of the trees remaining from the once thick tropical rainforest, coconut palms, fruit trees and contemporary tropical landscaping.


Enjoy the play of sunlight on the distinctive plants, and landscaping.

A feature of the property is the space that it provides guests to sit back and appreciate the beauty that is associated with Melanesian landscapes and scenery. The spaciousness adds a depth of view that enhances the panoramic views available throughout the site.


A Sandy path connects the various areas of the property together.

While everything is laid out on the site, they are generally interconnected by a sandy path.


Situated on a large expansive property.

Flametree is placed on a extensive property with an 40 metre waterfront and large expansive areas of lawn, that are intermingled with treees and tropical plantings, providing an idyllic setting and a elegant atmosphere.


The 'Giants' of the Rainforest are everywhere.

Great care has been taken to ensure that many 'giants' of the rainforest have been preserved and are an important feature of the property. The green canopy provides a depth of texture within the coastal setting that is rare, and imbues the property with a unique feel and ambience.


Option to have Staff onsite or not

A simple but comfortable staff accommodation has been constructed near the top of the property. Possessing a elevated concret floor, weaved bamboo walls and leaf roof, the quarters has a great view over the site maintaining good security, but sufficiently far away to ensure privacy for all.

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