Sanddollar's Flametree | Seascape & Sunsets


Simply Amazing Sunsets.

At the end of the day, there is no point going to the South Pacific unless you can experience those fantastic sunsets. Take the time to enjoy, sitting with a drink in hand.

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Amazing Sunsets
An Authentic South Pacific Setting
A massive 40 metre coastal frontage
Fantastic offshore coral reef



Facing to the west, Sanddollar experiences fantastic sunsets.

The South Pacific is all about being by the sea, and being able to take in those great sunsets that seem to change every day. At sanddollar, having a extensive coastal frontage, along with a westerly aspect provides a setting for some of the best sunsets available.


How close did you say the coral reef was ?.

No swimming out miles here. The coral reef really is just metres offshore, ready for you to explore. Not that you need to worry about all the throngs of people as you will more than likely have the whole stretch of water to yourself. And of course the water is the clear blue water that the pacific is renowned for. Tuk-tuk bay is definitely a tropical wonderland.


Coastal living | It can't get better than this.

Having that perfect tropical location, where everything just naturally fits together around its coastal aspect, an idyllic holiday is almost assured. With a great water frontage, dusk can be enjoyed playing petanque, or just relaxing in one of the cape cod chairs taking in the view.


Take an interest in life passing by !

Its great to watch the world go by, and there is always plenty going on in the distance. Whether or not it is one of the regular ferries going to one of the outer islands, a large cruise liner on its way out of Port Vila at dusk, or one of the many yachts that pass by as they sail down from Santo or up from Tanna, there is alot of to see on any given day.


The coast is fall of interesting life to investigate.

The coast is full of life, and guests can be entertained by the many goings on along the coastal fringe. Crabs of all shapes and sizes climb over the coral walls as they go about their business. At low tide, the rock-pools can be investigated for the small fish trapped there, the various forms of of crustaceans that abound in numbers, crabs, and small skippers. The coast presents a healthy interacting environment that provides plenty of interest.


The Coral Face of The Melanesian Coastline .

All along the coast are a series of natural inlets and channels that are interwoven amongst the coral reef, and extend inland forming access points between the land and the sea. Within minutes you are out in the middle of the ocean savouring the great ambience that it gives.

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