Sanddollar Vanuatu : Where to Next ?


Our Main property Has been Sold.

After over a decade of owning and managing our main holiday rental property at Pangona, located in the beautiful Tuk-tuk bay, Sanddollar has sold the property and wish the new owners the best with their new holiday home.


We are now offering Flametree for Sale

For Sanddollar, we are moving into different spheres of interest and as a consequence we are looking for expressions of interest in ‘Flamtree’ which is Sanddollar’s other property in the Pangona area.

We are now offering ‘Flametree’ for purchase, which is ideal as a tropical holiday home with beachcomber -boathouse feel to it, with the potential to be taken to the next level and developed into an amazing tropical coastal retreat.

Where to from here ?


This does not mean that we are decreasing our involvement in Vanuatu, but merely a shift in focus to allow more time to be devoted to other projects. In particular :




Anne and Greg provide travel information, advice and bookings for people interested in unique authentic travel within Vanuatu. An extensive travel information portal providing a wide array of travel advice, and can be found at, which is constantly updated with details of authentic travel experiences and cultural adventures. Browse through its broad range of ‘real’ travel options.


Authentic Travel : Tanna-Adventures

For travellers who want to experience the ‘road less travelled’, be immersed in a distinctive culture, and visit the amazing volcano Mt Yasur .......... then going to Tanna Island is an essential ‘to see and do’.

Anne and Greg have been helping local communities on Tanna Island with tourism projects for eight years in conjunction with investigating social initiatives for local Ni-Vanuatu people. As a major part of this initiative, Greg provides extensive travel information, advice, along with preparing personalised travel itineraries for travellers visiting Tanna at .

The Tannese people continue to live way of life or ‘kastom’ that has not changed for centuries, and participating in one of Greg’s unique itineraries will be an experience to remember. The highlight of any visit continues to be Mt Yasur Volcano, one of the iconic attractions in the Pacific one of only a handful of great natural phenomena that can be observed up close and personal.

By Greg Watt avid traveller and author of travel websites and blogs. You can keep up to date and share travel insights with Greg at Vanuatu Traveller's Facebook Page for things in the Pacific, or Traveller-Info's Facebook Page for things elsewhere in the world,  or with Greg himself on his Linkedin Page or  Google+ Page.