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The Last Word in Sleeping Comfort.

At Sanddollar, particular care has been taken in regard to sleeping comfort. A large centrally placed King Sized bed within each of its ‘Pacifica’ Vila’s, has been chosen to provide a superb sleep, with select linen and manchester. Wrapped with its stylish mosquito net, the focus of the large main interiors of Sanddollar’s Vilas, is to projecting an ‘island’ ambiance, providing tranquil accommodation of a high calibre, and distinction.

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Spacious Interior
Contemporary Island Design
Fully Openable French Doors
Large Private Deck


Sanddollar's Front fare or villa has sweeping views over Tuk-Tuk bay in Vanuatu

The Front Villa has sweeping views of Sanddollar's panoramic vista, & Tuk-tuk bay.

The ‘Front Vila’ is situated in a select position, with sweeping views over Sanddollar’s idyllic vista, and the surrounding seascape of Tuk-Tuk bay. Wake up every morning to a unique coastal view, right from the comfort of your bed and listen to the sounds of the seashore. Sanddollar's Villas enable you to feel much closer to the awesome tropical environment around you, enjoy it's ambience, and ultimately live a great island lifestyle.

The front villa at Sanddollar has discrete landscaping to ensure privacy for guests.

Developed landscaping around the Front Villa at Sanddollar ensures privacy for Guests.

While each booking at Sanddollar confers exclusivity to the property, discrete plantings ensure that the ‘Front Villa’ has appropriate privacy from friends and family that are a part of the same booking. Planting has been carefully carried out to provide screening along its perimeter, without impinging on the awesome views that it possesses, and the atmosphere it presents.


The front french doors open completely revealing great views.

Being able to open the front french doors to almost the full width of the front of the Vila provides that remarkable feeling of ‘being at one’ with nature from within. Being slightly elevated, the views from within the ‘Front Villa’ are almost as spectacular as those on the deck. A narrower perspective highlights a unique line of sight through the successive vista’s of tropical plantings, ‘Haus Wind’ interior, swimming pool to the brilliant blue of the sea beyond.


Enjoy the morning coffee on the front deck of the Front Villa.

Start each day with a coffee on the front deck of sanddollar’s ‘Front Vila’, and enjoy the dawn sun unveiling the engaging outlook before you. Just as appealing, are the appealing shadows created by the setting sun at dusk, providing that perfect dynamic interaction of sunlight with landscape. A Perfect spot for any part of of the day. Contemplate the world, read a book or just get together for a social conversation.


The interior of is multifunctional, and the expanse of its main space, incorporates two large island multipurpose couches that provide a substantive private lounge area within. The couches are ‘bespoke’ designs that were commissioned to be made by one of Vanuatu’s pre-eminent craftsmen, and which also cleverly double as two single beds, incorporating long single mattresses’s as a part of their upholstery. Each Vila consequently sleeps four(4) adults comfortably.


Sanddollar's Front Villa | The last word in sleeping comfort.

At Sanddollar, we understand that having a great sleep is important when on holiday, and express care has been taken in regard to sleeping comfort. Our staff pride themselves on the makeup of the beds, and ensure that the room makeup on arrival is to their best standards. Whether a couple, a family, or a group of friends, our staff get great satisfaction in making your stay one to remember.


Sanddollar's Villas provide the ultimate Indoor/outdoor lifestyle for your Holiday.

A tropical holiday should be just that, an awesome stay that is a different experience to your life at home. Sanddollar provides an atmosphere that focuses on that indoor/outdoor living that the South Pacific is famous for. Why have a stay similar to how you live at home, when you can have a tropical island adventure all around you.


A generous but private bathroom, incorporates an open tropical interior design.

The openness of the bathroom’s exemplifies the ‘Pacifica’ nature of Sanddollar, and brings that indoor/outdoor amenity that ‘island stays’ are renowned for. Within the ‘Front Villa’, the open shower has been lined with Volcanic stones especially imported from around Mt Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island, one of the truely amazing places that make up Vanuatu.


Bathrooms have large vanity areas & mirrors, creating a spacious tropical ambience.

The bathroom area in each of Sanddollar’s Villas, includes a spacious area that include large vanity areas, incorporating elegant basins, and large stylish bathroom mirrors. The bathrooms are a pleasure to be in, either as an individual, or where two people want to groom or primp themselves, before a great night in Sanddollar’s entertainment spaces.

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