Sanddollar's Flametree | Bungalow


The Ultimate Beachcomber Boathouse.

The Bungalow is divided into three amply sized main rooms, along with a smaller utility room, and separate kitchen placed at opposite ends. Two equally sized bedrooms are divided by a well designed central bathroom, with one doubling as a multi-functional lounge-dining area. The utility-laundry is placed on the garden-side end, while the kitchen is placed on the seaside end.

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Beachcomber Boathouse Design
Exceptional Indoor-Outdoor Living
Melanesian Ambiance
Functional Construction



Flametree Bungalow construction has empathy with sustainable materials.

The Flametree bungalow uses local materials in its construction, with the common elements being Local hardwood timber, plastered concrete block for strength, inlaid sliced coral, and natanguru leaf roofing. In the context of what was around, using what was readily available leads to sustainable construction.


A relaxed lounge-Dining Area fits is sympathetic to a Melanesian way of living.

The Seaside room provides a comfortable lounge-dining area that has garden views out over the wide double doors. The relaxed nature of the room fits in with an easy going island lifestyle.


A cosy lounge-dining area is multi-functional and doubles as a second bedroom.

The interior of the seaside room is multifunctional, and the expanse of its main space, incorporates two multipurpose couches that provide a substantive private lounge area within. The couches double as single beds allowing the bungalow to accommodate up to four people.


Flamtree's sleeping comfort.

Having a great sleep is important, and care has been taken in regard to sleeping comfort. The bedroom provides for a quite and comfortable sleep, possessing a Queen sized bed, with high quality linen and manchester, the bedroom has its own individual interior styling, that combines both traditional pacifica textures with contemporary imagery and patterns.


Enjoy the morning coffee lounging in the adjacent outside area

Start each day with a coffee lounging in cape-cod chairs, and enjoy the dawn sun unveiling the engaging outlook before you. Just as appealing, are the shadows created by the setting sun at dusk, providing that perfect dynamic interaction of sunlight with landscape. A Perfect spot for any part of of the day. Contemplate the world, read a book or just get together for a social conversation.


A functional dining area complements the lounge area.

A functional dining table and chair provides seating for four people. The dining furniture can be easily set up outside to provide a great tropical dining experience.


Large Private Shower Area.

The private shower has been lined with sliced coral that enhances the tropical atmosphere within the bungalow and links the interior of the bathroom to that of the seascape that the property is situated beside. Everything has an easy access, and the island styled bathroom provides an ambiance, that is simply not possible in stereotyped western holiday homes.


A generous bathroom, incorporates an open tropical interior design.

The openness of the bathroom’s exemplifies the Beachcomber-boathouse nature of Flametree, and brings that indoor/outdoor amenity that ‘island stays’ are renowned for. The bathroom is a pleasure to be in, either as an individual, or where two people want to groom or primp themselves.


The Ultimate in Indoor-Outdoor Living.

A tropical holiday should be just that, an awesome stay that is a different experience to your life at home. Flametree provides an atmosphere that focuses on that indoor/outdoor living that the South Pacific is famous for. Why have a stay similar to how you live at home, when you can have a tropical island adventure all around you.


A functional laundry and utility room

Located on the gardenside end of the building, a large bultlers sink provides the last word in cleaning and washing up facilities that is matched by ample utility benchspace. The front loading washing machine has provided exceptional service and proven itself in the harsh coastal conditions.


Flametree's Bungalow has great ambience and unique panoramic views.

The bungalow has its own personality and identifies strongly with the tropical rainforest which surrounds Pangona Estate, while still retaining a strong affinity and association with its coastal position. The local flora has a strong focus and presents a striking atmosphere.


A functional kitchen space that lends itself to simple living, and easy cleaning

Located on the seaside end of the building the compact kitchen area provides a functional and easy workspace to prepare island meals. A large bench allows for a great prepartion area, while an induction hob gives instant heat for cooking.

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