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Sanddollar Private Coastal Retreat.

Sanddollar's Flametree property is located on the coast of the main island of Efate.

Just outside of Port Vila, a 35-minute journey sees you at the centre of the wide sweep of Tuktuk Bay with the 1.70 acre property for your enjoyment & relaxation.

Flametree has a two bedroom boathouse styled bungalow, with each bedroom sleeping a maximum of 2 people.

The substantial property is dotted with mature rainforest trees, providing it with an idyllic tropical island setting.


A Large Spacious Property

Possessing over 7.000 sq metres, Flametree is nested within scattered tropical rainforest trees. The ambiance of a natural island landscape, accompanied by memorable scenery are ever present.

Idyllic Coastal Setting

Located right in the central sweep of beautiful Tuktuk bay, Flametree has a premier position along the Melanesian coast, affording it great presence and outlook. Possessing a forty metre water-side frontage, panoramic views abound.

Glorious South Pacific Sunsets

With a westerly outlook, tropical sunsets are truely magnificent, providing a highlight of each day. Lounging in a couple of Flametree's Cape Cod chairs provides ideal ambiance.

Awesome Offshore Snorkelling

Being blessed with the expansive coral reef of Tuktuk Bay immediately in front of Flametree, fabulous reef snorkelling is merely minutes away.


Flametree's Bungalow.

Flametree's bungalow has been designed by the original owner to give a beachcomber-boathouse atmosphere to the property.

The Bungalow is situated in a commanding position on the property, and is constructed, from solid materials. The opening doors are the focal point of the bungalow and completely open so that you can enjoy panoramic views of the extensive property.

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Explore the Coast of Tuk-tuk Bay.

Go 'Coasteering' and Snorkelling along the Tuk-tuk Bay shore and adjacent reef.

The coastal reef has many treasures to show you. Whether you prefer to wander amongst the rock pools and shoreline, or to snorkel just a few metres of the coast, you will see diverse colourful coral and fish in abundance. The extensive coral reef follows the wide sweep of the bay, is located close to the shore, and has a spectacular dropoff providing great snorkelling.

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The Coastal Property's Grounds.

Flametree is a private property with extensive grounds.

Flametree is an extensive property possessing a considerable sea frontage & tropical grounds for the owners to enjoy. Large expanses of grass areas are interspersed with mature rainforest trees. Along the closest boundary, a layering of hibiscus, and pandanus ensures privacy.

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Kayaking around Tuk-tuk Bay.

Go kayaking and explore Tuk-tuk Bay, and its headlands.

Even if you are a novice to kayaking, you will enjoy an hour of two immediately alongside of the Flametree foreshore, where you can view the coral through the clear water. For the more confident, spend half a day exploring Tuk-tuk Bay or further afield. There are stretches along the coastline that will appeal to kayakers of every proficiency.

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Snorkelling in Tuk-Tuk Bay.

The wide sweep of Tuk-tuk bay possesses an extensive coral reef immediately offshore.

The coral reef is located just 10-20 metres from the coast, and once further out the array of colourful coral formations come into focus. A sharp dropoff to deeper waters highlights a wall of coral and tropical fish.

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Seashore | Sunsets.

The seashore of 'Flametree' encompasses a great island experience.

The area adjacent to the shore of Flametree is the ideal location to get together to be social, have a Martini, Mai-Tai, Tusker or Orange Juice. The view of the sun setting over the western sea is never the same, and often spectacular.

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